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Wildlife is fun to watch out in nature. But when wildlife is in your attic or under you're home or business it can be very destructive.

Raccoons, Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Bats, Birds and even an occasional Opossum have been found up in attics.

They can tear up insulation. Use you're attic as a bathroom. Tear up ducking and even chew through wires. If you have a light or plug that doesn't work it could be because you got something in your attic. On rare occasions the chewing of wires have been known to start fires.

Skunks, Opossums, Armadillos, and Rodents can live under a drive way or porch even under a deck, They Are all diggers. Skunks, Armadillo's and Raccoons all tear up yards digging for grubs and insects to feed on.All these animals will feed from bird feeders and dog food or cat food dishes when they can

Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control has years of experience in catching nuisance wildlife and relocating it to a better place.

We will come out and inspect the home or business and figure out how what ever animal you got is getting in. After we figure out how its getting inside we will come up with a plan to removal it or them. 

When all the wildlife are gone we can give you a bid on the cost of sealing all the holes and doing the exclusion work so that you don't get them back again.

We will guarantee the work we did at the end.

So if you need help with a Wildlife Removal or Wildlife Control problem give us a call for a free estimate over the phone. We are usually CHEAPER than the other guys210-430-3996